Student Senate Faculty/Staff of the Month

Posted On: 2022-03-25

Student Senate’s January staff of the month is Darlene Paulson. As a beloved member of the Saint Mary’s food service team, Darlene is remarked for her relentlessly positive attitude and friendly smile, mask or not. Darlene has been with Chartwells for 6 years now but at Saint Mary’s for 40 years. Not only is she one of the students’ favorite faculty on campus but she was also a student herself. Darlene attended SMU for two years studying Psychology and Theology. When asked what her favorite thing was about Saint Mary’s she replied, “the students.”

A fun fact about Darlene is that she has worked in many other states including Illinois, California, and Florida. She also has children ages 53, 33, and 27. She also states that she has, “the best ‘old lady’ job ever!” 

Please join the Student Senate in honoring Darlene Paulson as the January staff of the month!