Workshop on Drafting Your A.I. Syllabus Statement

Posted By: Lucia Pawlowski On: 2023-08-24
Posted On: 2023-08-24

Most College faculty are teaching writing in some fashion.  If you assign any kind of writing in your classroom, ChatGPT should be top of mind this semester as you design assignments, assess student writing, and evolve your writing pedagogy based on the emergence of widely used generative A.I. like ChatGPT.   But what are the pro’s and con’s of using ChatGPT in our writing pedagogy?  And how can we express how we want students to use (or not use A.I.) in the statement we are now required by the revised Academic Integrity policy to include in our syllabi?

To support faculty in thinking through how we want to use A.I. in our teaching–as well as how to express that on our own syllabi–the Writing Center is offering a workshop on writing such syllabus statements.  By the end of this hands-on, interactive workshop, faculty can expect to actually have an actual draft of a syllabus statement to use this semester.  In our workshop, the Writing Center is focusing in particular on ChatGPT because it’s the most popular text-generating A.I. tool that students and faculty might use for college writing assignments.

Here is the structure of the workshop:

PRESENTATION (30 minutes):

  1.  Chat GPT and “Humans in the Loop” framework

  2.  Ethical problems of using ChatGPT

  3.  Examination of A.I. syllabus statements from universities across the U.S.

WORKSHOP (30 minutes):

  1. Draft your own syllabus statement

  2. In breakout rooms, workshop your syllabus statement with other faculty

The Writing Center is offering this workshop twice–both times on ZOOM:

Creating a Syllabus Statement for the Use of A.I. in Your Classroom

Thursday Aug. 24th from 5pm-6pm

Friday Aug. 25th from 2pm-3pm

Participants must register in order to attend a session.  After participants register, they will receive a zoom link for the session.  If faculty cannot attend one of the above times, a recording of the first 30 minutes (the presentation part) will be made available–but faculty must register for the event in order to receive the recording.

The Writing Center is excited to support faculty as we all work through what to do about (and with) ChatGPT in our classrooms.  Thank you and see you at the workshop!