Work Study Position Available in Career Services

Posted By: Kerri Carlson Anderson On: 2023-12-04
Posted On: 2023-12-04

Career Services is hiring a Work Study Student.

Want to develop relationships on campus? Help Career Services with programming and events? Have an interest in using social media for marketing and promotion? Are you work study eligible? Then check this out and apply today!

Position Title: Career Services Coordinator & Social Media Manager


Assist Career Services with administrative tasks and assignments while building and fostering connections and awareness with University students, staff, and faculty. This position manages multiple projects at any given time and interacts with the Associate Director and Director of Career Services. The role will include assisting with the planning, preparation, and execution of events and student offerings.

Tasks and Responsibilities: 

  • Career Services Coordinator: execute assigned tasks for Career Services events such as database management, name badge production, compiling event materials, and tabling to recruit student participants.
  • Social Media Manager: assess Career Services’ social media needs, develop a social media plan proposal, execute the final social media plan, and devise metrics to assess the success of the implemented plan.
  • Posting and updating content on the Career Services website.
  • Achieving and Getting Results: customer-focused; utilizes effective oral and written communication skills; demonstrates the ability to deal with unanticipated problems and opportunities; curious, dependable, detail-oriented, creative, and quality-conscious
  • Building and Maintaining Relationships: able to work with multiple supervisors/stakeholders in a high-energy environment; works with the team to achieve the overall goal/product/result; appreciates and respects different points of view; establishes connections and trust with co-workers and campus community.
  • Managing Self: functions effectively within ever-changing environments; effectively manages time, resources, organizational tools and systems, and stress level; demonstrates resilience, persistence, and adaptability.
  • Big-Picture Thinking and Decision-Making: demonstrates critical thinking and innovation by identifying patterns, problems, and opportunities, seeking input and ideas, assessing alternatives, recognizing the potential impact on others, and proposing innovative solutions; thinks “outside the box”, generates creative solutions, and learns from both successes and failures.

Time Commitment: 2 – 5 hours per week (flexible hours)

Pay: $12 / hour (work study only)

How to apply: Please submit a resume and cover letter to Shelly Schell, Associate Director of Career Services (