Weekly Tech Tip: Different Due Dates for Sections & Students

Posted On: 2022-01-31

In this week’s tech tip you will learn how to add custom due dates to assignments, discussion, quizzes and other places where you assign due dates in Canvas. This will come in handy if you are teaching a cross-listed course or need to give a student more time to complete an assignment. It will allow you to easily differentiate between classes that meet on different days, or if you want something submitted before class, but class times are different for your sections. This will also come in handy if a student is sick or has an accommodation where they need more time to submit.

Watch the Video Here.


This Week’s Training:

Pages Deep Dive (02/01) @ Noon

Quizzes Deep Dive (02/02) @ Noon

Panopto Deep Dive (02/03) @ 6:30 pm

*Please RSVP to the training using our CELT website.