Vlazny Hall Personnel Have Moved

Posted By: Tami Lubinski On: 2023-08-22
Posted On: 2023-08-22

Vlazny Hall Personnel Have Moved

In 2014 the University developed a Campus Master Plan with objectives for both the Winona and Minneapolis Campus. Many of the objectives in the Master Plan have been accomplished. The plan included and assessment of all of each of our buildings. The Master plan has provided guidance for the projects we have completed in recent years.

A decision was made over the past year to relocate all personnel and programs housed in Vlazny Hall in new locations in existing building on the Winona Campus. During this summer the Maintenance Staff have been working to renovate new locations and relocate staff. Following is a list of those people and department and their new locations. Following are the new locations.

Student Affairs – Griffin Hall

Niki Peterson – Dean of Students – Griffin Hall 195

“A’ Getzin – Director of Res. Life – Griffin Hall 197

Student Senate – Griffin Hall 189

Counseling Offices – Hendrickson 132, 134, 136, 138

Career Services – Shelly Schell – Assoc. Director of Career Services – Griffin 193

Campus Ministry – Saint Mary’s Hall

Brian Kusek – Director of Campus Ministry – Saint Mary’s 100C

Father Kevin Stolt – University Chaplain – Saint Mary’s 100B

Peer Ministers – Saint Mary’s 100D

Christian Brother’s Office – Saint Mary’s 100A

Health Services to Heffron 44

R.I.S.E. to Toner Student Center 8A

Club Sports/Intramurals Director Toner Student Center 8B

SAC Office – Toner 8C


We also relocated:

LASI Program – Robertolino Vargas Guerrero, Program Director – Saint Mary’s 112

Writing Center on the Winona Campus to Saint Mary’s 103

These changes will energize the new locations in already existing buildings.

Vlazny Hall has served the University effectively for many decades. The infrastructure in the building, electrical, heating, cooling and water systems, are outdated and deteriorating and the cost of replacement or updating is prohabitative. The addition of the Science and Learning Center and the remodeling of Hoffman resulting in the new Aquinas Hall we find the University with excess facilities. The plan is to spend the winter preparing Vlazny Hall for demolition and to remove the building during the summer of 2024. The building will be replaced with additional green space.