Update on Arts Co-Curricular Program

Posted By: Lynette Johnson On: 2023-07-07
Posted On: 2023-07-07

The Arts Co-Curricular Program is moving forward with the implementation of the program for Fall 2023. A full-time technical director at the performance center started June 6th and is currently assisting the Minnesota Beethoven Festival that will continue through July 17th. There will be two productions this year as part of the teach-outs and a drama club will be formed for future productions. Community and professional productions are being booked along with initial planning to bring back a version of the Page Series.

A director of music programming will start July 31st that will lead choir, band, and other ensembles. Thanks to the work of student Patrick Derleth, pep band continues to grow a presence on campus and at athletic events.

Lisa Truax has scheduled the art gallery for the Fall 2023 – Spring 2024 academic year and a calendar of events will be shared at a later date.

As our work continues, workshops will be added throughout the year and we will continue to expand programming. If you have a suggestion on any art programming or collaborations, please do not hesitate to reach out to ljohnson@smumn.edu.

Lynette Johnson

Senior Director of Arts & Event Services