Undergraduates Demonstrate Excellence at Innovation Scholars

Posted By: Myles Sandolph On: 2024-03-12
Posted On: 2024-03-12
Each year, Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota participates in a program called Innovation Scholars run by the Minnesota Private Colleges Council.  This program brings together 2 business students and 2 science students to work on an innovation project from a partner.  This year, our team had a project for the Mayo Clinic over in Rochester.  Nick Kiemel, Noah Haider, Francis Perroud, and Seth Peterson made up this year’s team, and they did an amazing job giving their 30 minute presentation.  They also wrote a 40 page report on their project – and the best part is they had to trim down both because they had more to say.  If you have any questions, these gentlemen would be happy to tell you about their experience.  Due to their agreement with Mayo Clinic (an NDA) they can’t tell you the details of the specific project.
The entire Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota community should be very proud of how this team represented our school – if you see them around campus, congratulate them on how well they did at the event.  Their months’ of effort culminated in an impressive display of talent and expertise.