Two students awarded MinneAnalytics scholarships

Posted On: 2022-04-22

Business intelligence and data analytics majors Brady Lindauer and Scott Stamness have each been awarded a $1,000 MinneAnalytics scholarship.

MinneAnalytics is a nonprofit organization that supports individuals working in data science and the technology industry in Minnesota and the Upper Midwest. As a part of its mission, the organization awards scholarships to students who pursue a career in analytics. 

Lindauer, a finance and business intelligence and data analytics major, considers himself extremely involved in not only the Saint Mary’s community, but the Winona community as a whole. He has been regularly involved in volunteer work since high school and led some volunteer events while he was playing junior hockey in La Crosse, Wisconsin. The events included walking with kids to school on National Walk to School Day and running ice skating instruction programs for kids in La Crosse. In Winona, he has orchestrated similar events in the community where the team skates with young hockey players. Along with being a member of the Men’s Hockey team, Lindauer is on the committee for the Lasallian Sport Institute. 

While at Saint Mary’s, Stamness, a business intelligence and data analytics major, has learned the ways businesses move. This includes how organizations use data and analytics to make crucial decisions, how data and analytics can help launch new products to benefit their customers, and how data can help businesses reduce costs and increase revenue. These are basic needs for any company, and Stamness wants to be a part of helping a company succeed. The more he continues to learn and share with a company, the more he can benefit an organization. 

Michael Ratajczyk, program director for the B.S. and M.S. in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics programs, says he is pleased with Saint Mary’s continued relationship with MinneAnalytics. 

“It is such a blessing to have such an organization within our neck of the woods offering events and opportunities to help students progress through their education,” Ratajczyk said.