The Lay Low Period at the College is Over. Now What?

Posted By: Ann Merchlewitz On: 2022-02-02
Posted On: 2022-02-02

Thanks to all of you who complied with our COVID-19 protocols during our lay low period at the College.  Your hard work has allowed us to start off the academic year strong.  As we continue forward into the month of February, we wanted to outline for you our current COVID-19 protocols.  

  • Masking is still required inside all university buildings with the exceptions noted below.  Masking continues to be required in the library. We recommend an N95, KN95 or KF94 mask or doubling up on a cloth mask.
    • Masks are not required in the Gostomski Fieldhouse when you are working out.  You must wear a mask when you enter and leave the facility, when you are moving about in the facility, and when you are going to and from locker rooms.
    • Masks are not required in the Toner Student Center Dining Hall or the Cardinal Club.  Masks must be worn everywhere else in the building.
    • Masks are not required in residence hall rooms when students are visiting one another if they are all members of the same pod or “family.”
  • Physical distancing should continue to be observed.  
  • You may increase your social group beyond five people, but we would continue to encourage you to keep that group small.
  • Grab and go options are still available in the dining hall.
  • You should report any positive COVID-19 test whether administered at the university, at an off-site location, or with an at-home test, to You can also use this form or call 507-457-1614.
  • Eating is still not permitted in classrooms.
  • The residence halls are now open to internal visitors — meaning other Saint Mary’s students. 
    • We are returning to the guest policy from last semester in terms of number of guests. 
    • Common rooms in the residence halls are open.
    • The residence halls remain closed to any and all external visitors. Please note that admission tours will include the residence halls moving forward.
  • You may have in-person meetings for clubs and organizations, provided the meeting is approved through the COVID Gathering Form.
  • Spectators are now permitted at athletic events, but they must be masked.

We will examine these protocols mid-February and hope that additional adjustments can then be made.

Together we are Saint Mary’s. Together we are stronger.