Thank you!

Posted On: 2022-03-22

On behalf of Cardinals Connecting Cardinals (CCC) thank you to those that participated in Lights Out on Tuesday, March 15. We used the dark spaces to help shed light on the importance of philanthropy at Saint Mary’s. Because of the generosity of Saint Mary’s alumni and friends, certain costs are covered, and not forwarded on to students like us. If we took the total cost of a Saint Mary’s education and plotted it out on a timeline, from Lights Out to the end of the year would  technically be a gift from benefactors to us, to give us a little break on tuition expenses. We think that’s pretty great of them! We hope (now that you’re no longer in the “dark”) that you do too!

We are grateful for the support of Chartwells, specifically Curt, Andy and Tony helping us make this event possible. For those interested in future events like this, reach out to Ellen Heydon ( and inquire about Cardinals Connecting Cardinals.