Summer Student Work Opportunity

Posted By: Meghan Daly On: 2024-04-05
Posted On: 2024-04-05

This is your opportunity to secure employment and stay on campus for the summer. All full-time students returning in the fall are eligible to work on campus over the summer. Jobs will pay either $12 or $15 per hour, and students will receive free housing and a free lunch from 11:30a-12:30p (provided on weekdays). Student employees are expected to work from May 6 to August 27. On-campus housing is available at no charge to those who are employed full-time as long as they are in good standing with Residence Life.

All full-time students in Fall 2024 are eligible to apply, but priority for summer employment is given to those who meet all of the criteria listed below:
-have paid their 23-24 student account in full
-are in good standing with the university in terms of academics and disciplinary matters

Securing a Summer Employment Position:

Apply on Handshake today! Supervisors will receive notification and will reach out to you if they wish to interview and/or hire you for their department. Departments may hire for positions based on their need for skill and experience. Once hired, your supervisor will send you a work permit. Complete and return the permit to Cardinal Central. If you have not previously worked on campus as a student worker, new student worker forms will be sent to you. These forms must be completed before beginning work.