Student Voices: Advocacy for the MN State Grant Program

Posted On: 2022-02-07

The state of Minnesota provides need-based grants that help 21 percent of Minnesota college students. Minnesota’s State Grant program is a critical tool for keeping college affordable. This is true at private and public institutions, including here at Saint Mary’s.  Last year 330 students at our university received a State Grant award.

Saint Mary’s students can speak up for these grants and influence lawmakers through Student Voices 2022, which we’re working on with the Minnesota Private College Council. Students will be supported in taking steps that include writing emails, recording personal videos and participating in Zoom calls with legislators starting in mid-February.

Please act now and let us know you’re interested in speaking up. There’s a simple registration form to fill out here:

Please register as soon as you can, but no later than February 13, 2022. The Minnesota Private College Council will be setting up virtual meetings for students with their hometown legislators, those who represent where students grew up — or for students from outside Minnesota, the community where our campus is. And that scheduling can’t start until the Council hears from you!

Minnesota lawmakers can increase these grants this legislative session. Student Voices 2022 will help lawmakers see and hear the impact the State Grant program has on college students. Learn more about the importance of the Minnesota State Grant program here, as well as more about what it means to students at Saint Mary’s

We need your help in speaking with legislators about this program that is so vital to our students.  You might be a recipient; your friend might be a recipient.  We all need to work together to advocate for this program.

Thank you for considering this opportunity.