Student Senate Minutes (4-11-23)

Posted By: Ann Merchlewitz On: 2023-04-14
Posted On: 2023-04-14

Student Senate Meeting Minutes

April 11, 2023

Meeting called to order by President Sophia O’Neil at 7:00 p.m.

Prayer and reflection by Anthony Vera

Members Present

Sophia O’Neil, Hunter Phillips, Joseph Schauf, Katie Pierpont, Maggie Newhouse, Anne Carmean, Morgan Brown, Isabelle Fortner, Guy Cardinal, Allison Moysis, Madi Slavin, Joel Tranel, Paige Morris, Abby Gilliland, Seth Peterson, Leah Parker, Madison Clark, Noah Kiemel, Samuel Frick, Melanie Winzenburg, Connor Close, Anthony Vera, Kristian Lindanger

Members Absent


Members Excused

Riley Hall, Maddie Wilsey, Paige Morris (Proxy – Nick Kiemel), Grace Olmstead (Proxy – Lexi Campshure) 

Presentation by Kerri Carlson Anderson

Benefit Dance Budget Request

Request of $5,684

Motion to fund the suggested amount of $2,500 by Guy Cardinal

Second by Abby Gilliland

Motion passes

Executive Board Reports

Sophia O’Neil, President

The banquet tomorrow is business professional attire. Please show up at 6:00. The executive board for next year has been voted in. Congratulations to all those who won. 

Hunter Phillips, Vice President of Academic Affairs

We need volunteers next Wednesday and Thursday for tabling for faculty appreciation, put this on your radar. 

Joseph Schauf, Vice President of Financial Affairs

That was our last budget. I ran the numbers and we have allocated $120,644, which leaves us a 10% cushion. Thank you to the finance committee for the extra help. We may have one potential academic request. 

Riley Hall, Vice President of Public Affairs

Maggie Newhouse, Vice President of Campus Affairs

Nothing to report. 

Katie Pierpont, Vice President of Student Affairs

Next week is Plazapalooza, please sign up to table and pass out ice cream. 

SAC events this week: 

  • Early 2000s Trivia Thursday, April 13, 7:00pm
  • Stress Relief with Student Success Thursday, April 13, 8:00pm
  • Plant Bingo Friday, April 14, 8:00pm
  • Bob Ross Painting Sunday, April 16, 12:00pm 

Softball Senior Day this Saturday; baseball this Friday. 

Housing selection starts tomorrow. Make sure you have no fines or holds on your account. 

We are aware that there is a bug problem in the dorms; maintenance is working on it. 

Anne Carmean, Vice President of Media and Communications

If you want to write a testimonial about why you have enjoyed senate, please email it to me so I can continue to update the website. 

Maddie Wilsey, Vice President of Multicultural Affairs

Nothing to report. 

Morgan Brown, Vice President of Administrative Affairs

Nothing to report. 

Ann Merchlewitz, Advisor

Students will be getting an email in the morning about the Hendrickson Forum. 

This Saturday is our first NSOR for incoming students. If you see students on campus, please be welcoming! 

Class Officer Reports

Freshman: Nothing to report. 

Sophomores: Nothing to report. 

Juniors: We will be doing a dunk tank at Plazapalooza.  If you have any suggestions of who to dunk, please let us know. 

Seniors: Nothing to report. 

Senator Concerns

Did we find out if PA students are welcome at senior day activities?

  • Current junior PA students are being invited to participate in these activities. 


Motion to Adjourn by Guy Cardinal

Seconded by Kristian Lindanger

Motion passes unanimously 

Meeting Adjourned at 7:30pm.