Student Senate Minutes (3-7-2023)

Posted By: Ann Merchlewitz On: 2023-03-09
Posted On: 2023-03-09

Student Senate Meeting Minutes

March 7, 2023

Meeting called to order by President Sophia O’Neil at 7:00 p.m.

Prayer and reflection by Anthony Vera

Members Present

Sophia O’Neil, Hunter Phillips, Joseph Schauf, Katie Pierpont, Maggie Newhouse, Anne Carmean, Riley Hall, Morgan Brown, Maddie Wilsey, Isabelle Fortner, Guy Cardinal, Allison Moysis, Madi Slavin, Joel Tranel, Paige Morris, Abby Gilliland, Seth Peterson, Leah Parker, Madison Clark, Noah Kiemel, Samuel Frick, Grace Olmstead, Melanie Winzenburg, Connor Close, Anthony Vera, Kristian Lindanger

Members Absent


Members Excused


Presentation by Dennis Egan – Day at The Capital 

President Nominations

It is in the bylaws that after a candidate has met the signature requirement and submitted the form they have to formally be nominated by a current senator to be put on the live ballot on the 20th. The floor is now open for any nominations. 

Nominations for Joel Tranel and Maggie Newhouse. 

SAC Budget Request

Request of $45,030

Motion to fund the suggested amount of $45,030 by Abby Gilliland 

Second by Joel Tranel

Motion passes

SAAC Budget Request

Request of $1,350

Motion to fund the suggested amount of $1,350 by Guy Cardinal

Second by Noah Kiemel 

Motion passes

SOUL Budget Request

Request of $6,760

Motion to fund the suggested amount of $6,760 by Anthony Vera

Second by Madi Slavin

Motion passes

Cardinals Connecting Cardinals Budget Request

Request of $1,500

Motion to fund the suggested amount of $1,500 by Joel Tranel

Second by Seth Peterson

Motion passes

Buddies Budget Request 

Request of $530

Motion to fund the suggested amount of $530 by Anthony Vera

Second by Madi Slavin

Motion passes

Big and Little Pals Budget Request

Request of $750 – no representative 

Motion to fund at $0 by Guy Cardinal 

Second by Kristian Lindanger

Motion to suspend the bylaws by Guy Cardinal

Second by Kristian Lindanger

Motion passes unanimously 

Motion to fund $0 

Second by Guy Cardinal

Motion passes

Resolution 005: Cardinal Club Booths

Request of $6,000

Motion to adopt resolution 005 by Kristian Lindanger

Motion passes unanimously 

USITT Special Request

Request of $1,040

Suggested amount of $1,040

Motion to fund the suggested amount of $1,040 by Abby Gilliland

Second by Connor Close

Motion passes unanimously

Executive Board Reports

Sophia O’Neil, President

Katie and I met with a few people about the Admissions Office improvement. A majority of this can be done before the fall semester. Presidential elections will occur on the 20th, Maggie and Joel are now able to campaign until the 20th. Executive board petitions will be available on the 14th. Positions will be voted on shortly after. 

Hunter Phillips, Vice President of Academic Affairs

We will be talking about faculty appreciation in an upcoming meeting. The Hendrickson Forum has 30 available seats, if you are interested, reach out to Dr. Bobier for more information. 

Joseph Schauf, Vice President of Financial Affairs

Five budgets next week with budget presentations, we will go through the procedure beforehand. 

Riley Hall, Vice President of Public Affairs

Day at the Capital is coming up. I will put together an informational guide about the day. Alumni networking event this Saturday

Maggie Newhouse, Vice President of Campus Affairs

Meeting with Jim Bedke about water bottle fillers and furniture. There is now racquetball equipment at campus safety to be checked out, will try to order more. Student body now has access to RAC starting at 5:45am M-F. 

Katie Pierpont, Vice President of Student Affairs

Encourage other students to get involved in Day at the Capital. Tomorrow night there is a leadership panel for women in entrepreneurship from 7-8:30pm in Figliulo. Plazapalooza is coming up. Reach out to SAC for more information. Next Tuesday is Founders Day. The schedule for the day will be different. All are encouraged to attend the events on this day. 

Anne Carmean, Vice President of Media and Communications

Nothing to report. 

Maddie Wilsey, Vice President of Multicultural Affairs

Sophia and I are meeting with Marisa tomorrow and will update you all next week. 

Morgan Brown, Vice President of Administrative Affairs

Nothing to report.

Ann Merchlewitz, Advisor

Tomorrow the CEO of Mayo Clinic Health Systems will be presenting at 12pm in Aquinas auditorium. This weekend is the Cardinal Excellence Fund Dinner. 

Class Officer Reports

Freshman: Nothing to report.

Sophomores: Nothing to report.

Juniors: Nothing to report.

Seniors: Thursday, Friday, Saturday is gaslight auditions, spread the word! 

Senator Concerns

No senator concerns.


Motion to Adjourn by Guy Cardinal

Seconded by Isabelle Fortner

Motion passes unanimously 

Meeting Adjourned at 8:11pm