Student Senate Minutes (3-14-23)

Posted By: Ann Merchlewitz On: 2023-03-16
Posted On: 2023-03-16

Student Senate Meeting Minutes

March 14, 2023

Meeting called to order by President Sophia O’Neil at 7:00 p.m.

Prayer and reflection by Anthony Vera

Members Present

Sophia O’Neil, Hunter Phillips, Joseph Schauf, Katie Pierpont, Maggie Newhouse, Anne Carmean, Riley Hall, Morgan Brown, Maddie Wilsey, Isabelle Fortner, Guy Cardinal, Allison Moysis, Madi Slavin, Joel Tranel, Paige Morris, Abby Gilliland, Seth Peterson, Leah Parker, Madison Clark, Noah Kiemel, Samuel Frick, Lexi Campsure, Melanie Winzenburg, Connor Close, Anthony Vera, Kristian Lindanger

Members Absent


Members Excused

Grace Olmstead (Proxy – Lexi Campsure)

Motion to amend the agenda to add presidential speeches at the end of the meeting by Joel Tranel

Motion passes unanimously 

Meeting Rules and Procedure Overview 

Canoe and Kayak Club Budget Request

Request of $50

Motion to fund the suggested amount of $50 by Seth Peterson

Second by Guy Cardinal

Motion passes

Habitat for Humanity Club Budget Request

Request of $550

Motion to fund the suggested amount of $550 by Connor Close

Second by Guy Cardinal

Motion passes

Future Health Professionals Club Budget Request

Request of $410

Motion to fund the suggested amount of $410 by Guy Cardinal

Second by Anthony Vera

Motion passes

Yoga Club Budget Request

Request of $1890

Motion to fund the suggested amount of $1890 by Kristian Lindanger

Second by Guy Cardinal 

Motion passes

Dance Team Budget Request 

Request of $560

Motion to fund the suggested amount of $560 by Abby Gilliland

Second by Noah Kiemel 

Motion passes

Public Affairs Constitution Rewrite

Motion to adopt the public affairs rewrite for the constitution by Joel Tranel 

Second by Kristian Lindagner 

Motion passes unanimously 

Motion to adopt the public affairs bylaws rewrite by Kristian Lindanger

Second by Madi Slavin 

Motion passes unanimously 

Presidential Candidate Speeches by Maggie Newhouse and Joel Tranel 

Executive Board Reports

Sophia O’Neil, President

Katie and I have figured out what steps need to be taken to move forward with the admissions office. It should be done over the summer. Congratulations to Katie Pierpont for winning outstanding senior. 

Hunter Phillips, Vice President of Academic Affairs

I urge you all to consider running for executive board. It is a great way to take on responsibility and boost your communication skills. 

Joseph Schauf, Vice President of Financial Affairs

We have some money remaining in our budget. We have about 6 budgets to go over next week. 

Riley Hall, Vice President of Public Affairs

Cardinals Connecting Cardinals lights out event is going to be on March 29. 

Will be getting more info out about hunger free campus next week.

Maggie Newhouse, Vice President of Campus Affairs

Facilities and maintenance is removing the presidential seal in Hendrickson, so the stairway may be closed. 

Katie Pierpont, Vice President of Student Affairs

SAC events this week:

  • Wednesday: Virtual Lasallian Meet and greet in Aquinas 200, 6:00pm
  • Friday: Seltzers in the pub to support your senior class, 6:00pm, LIFT Retreat
  • Saturday: Watercolor painting 1:00pm in the game room 

Anne Carmean, Vice President of Media and Communications

E board petitions are available, email me for more information. 

Maddie Wilsey, Vice President of Multicultural Affairs

I will be rescheduling our meeting with Marisa. 

Morgan Brown, Vice President of Administrative Affairs

Congratulations to our outstanding senior finalists. 

Ann Merchlewitz, Advisor

The play is this weekend March 16-18

Pickleball and spikeball tournament next week

Presentation on the Catholic pastoral response to racism on March 20 

Kabara elevator pitch contest

Attend gaslight

Please run for executive board! 

Class Officer Reports

Freshman: Nothing to report.

Sophomores: Nothing to report.

Juniors: Nothing to report.

Seniors: Gaslight auditions were this weekend, the show is March 31 and April 1. Pub fundraiser on Friday with trivia. 

Senator Concerns

No senator concerns.


Motion to Adjourn by Kristian Lindanger

Seconded by Belle Fortner

Motion passes unanimously 

Meeting Adjourned at 7:45pm