Student Senate Minutes (2-14-23)

Posted By: Ann Merchlewitz On: 2023-02-17
Posted On: 2023-02-17

Student Senate Meeting Minutes

February 14, 2023

Meeting called to order by President Sophia O’Neil at 7:00 p.m.

Prayer and reflection by Anthony Vera

Members Present

Sophie O’Neil, Joseph Schauf, Maggie Newhouse, Hunter Phillips, Connor Close, Anthony Vera, Kristian Lindanger, Guy Cardinal, Isabelle Fortner, Madi Slavin, Allison Moysis, Joel Tranel, Paige Morris, Abby Gilliland, Seth Peterson, Leah Parker (Josie Denzin), Maddi Clark, Noah Kiemel (Andrew Froese), Sam Frick, Melanie Winzenburg, Grace Olmstead (Lexi Campsure)

Members Absent 


Members Excused

Anne Carmean, Morgan Brown, Madeline Wilsey, Katie Pierpont, Riley Hall

Presentation by Ann Merchlewitz – Student Advocation, Day at the Capital

  • Saint Mary’s day to go is March 30th
    • Meet with legislators to advocate for the MN State Grant
    • Alumni networking event after the meetings
  • Our Lasallian heritage is a motivating factor in advocating for those that are lower-middle-income families to make out education accessible for all 
  • Maggie – discussed the importance of the state grant
  • Riley – discussed potential for advocating for Hunger-Free Campus initiative 

Day at the Capital Sign-up

Executive Board Reports

Sophia O’Neil, President

Hunter Phillips, Vice President of Academic Affairs

  • Flagging students for academic probation after each semester, safety net to keep students going in the right direction
  • Wellness credit discussion
    • Senators: useless for athletes, for non-athletes the online ones lack benefits, yoga and dance classes have been beneficial, the in-person classes are much more enjoyable and beneficial
  • Writing courses implemented into each degree in discussion with the committee 

Joseph Schauf, Vice President of Financial Affairs

  • Budget requests are due on 2/19
  • Academic and special requests are on the way

Riley Hall, Vice President of Public Affairs

  • Thank you all for signing up for Day at the Capital

Maggie Newhouse, Vice President of Campus Affairs

  • Meeting with Twigz about racquetball equipment
  • Campus Safety is looking to get the RAC open earlier than 6am 
  • Emergency call buttons with no signs on them do work, the other ones are being fixed
  • Cubbies in the dance studio will be up by March 6th

Katie Pierpont, Vice President of Student Affairs

  • SAC Events for the upcoming week
    • 2/16 Black History Month paint by number 
    • 2/18 valentines cookie decorating
    • 2/19 pool party and relays 

Anne Carmean, Vice President of Media and Communications

  • Look for the E-Board day in the life to come to the Student Senate Instagram

Morgan Brown, Vice President of Administrative Affairs 

  • Nothing to report

Maddie Wilsey, Vice President of Multicultural Affairs

  • Nothing to report

Dr. Marisa Naryka, Advisor

  • Organizational changes are occurring, Ann Merchlewitz will be stepping into the Senate Advisor position. Thank you Dr. Naryka!


Class Officer Reports

Freshman: Nothing to report

Sophomores: Nothing to report

Juniors: Nothing to report

Seniors: This Friday beer and seltzer fundraiser in the pub, please spread the word! There will also be a DJ and bags game


Senator Concerns

  • None



Motion to Adjourn the meeting by Paige Morris 

Seconded by Joel Tranel

Motion passes unanimously 

Meeting Adjourned at 7:28 p.m.