Student Senate Minutes (11-7-23)

Posted By: Ann Merchlewitz On: 2023-11-13
Posted On: 2023-11-13

Student Senate Meeting Minutes  


Meeting called to order by President Maggie Newhouse at 7:00 p.m.

 Members Present

Mario Rodriguez Gomez, Connor Close, Dayanara Saldarriaga, Alison French (Peyton Berg), Sidney Polzin (Lizzie Pike), Gabe Potyk, Abbie Stigler , Jacob Fiala, Abby Nosbisch, Makenna Vickery, Caden Rodning, Emma Mara, Teagan Phillips (Colin Tushie), Melanie Winzenburg, Mallory Von Tersch (Jazzy Davis), Emma Gerdes, Maggie Newhouse, Paige Morris, Jack Campion,  Joel Tranel, Maddi Clark, Noah Kiemel, Nick, Kiemel, and Ann Merchlewitz

 Members Absent 


 Members Excused

Leah Parker & Sam Frick

Guest Speaker – Tim Gossen 

  • He specializes in undergraduate academic enrollment
  • Enrollment still needs to increase campus wide 
    • We are as a whole slowly increasing 
  • 60 student workers in Admissions 
    • Many are in Student Senate 
  • Try to get as many students on campus as possible 
    • Students, faculty, and other staff help make that possible 
    • Seeing other students on campus is very beneficial
      • Hands on aspects are key
      • 60% come in undecided in terms of major
      • We hope that this is a place that they call home 
  • Dr. Gossen had been in Student Affairs for 20 years 
    • He believes thatcollege should be a fun time for the students and their families
    • They have to see themselves fit here 
  • What Saint Mary’s is focusing on now is – Academics, Residence Life, Athletics and Recreation
  • By replacing the same number of students each year, it will help bring a sense of unity to campus 
    • They wanted 265 students for Fall of 2023 and landed 308 
    • Their goal 298 this next upcoming fall semester
  • Admissions would like each student to submit a few sentences on why they chose this school. 
    • Some examples could be of experiences that make you really like this campus or what you are involved in on campus. 
  • It is everyone’s involvement that helps bring new students on campus!
  • Dr. Gossen likes to focus on the leadership piece across campus 
    • For example what Student Senate does for this campus
  • Coming in with prospective students: 
    • They get to meet with a faculty member in their desired field 
    • Current students are doing phone-a-thons 
  • How Dr. Gossen respond s to challenging questionsabout majors that were disconintued 
    • Students come in with knowledge of what our current majors are so not any significant questions about that.
    • We will tell students we are not the school for them if they are seeking majors that we do not offer 
    • We go after students for specific majors now instead of just trying to get any students 
  • What do we do as leaders to keep students on campus? 
    • Talk to Tricia Dobrient about next steps for a Senate whole 
    • Have conversations with others outside your common group 
      • Look out for your peers! 
  • Peer-to-peer communication is just as important as being in classes 

 Executive Board Reports

Maggie Newhouse, President

  • Shelly Shell will be a Guest speaker on November 14th
  • Joel will be running the meeting next week because Maggie will be absent.
  • Maddi and Jack have selected the following senators for the ethics committee: Ali, MaKenna and Caden. 

 Sam Frick, Vice President of Academic Affairs

  • Executive Board billboard, located next to the admissions office, will be put together next week.  
  • We want input from our senators on what to put on the board so let Sam, Maggie or Maddi know of any ideas. 
  • Sam will be meeting with the dean soon and would like to offer some feedback to make sure the registration process is running smoothly.

 Joel Tranel, Vice President of Financial Affairs

  • Juniors and Seniors if they have any questions about fundraising to let him know. 

 Jack Campion, Vice President of Public Affairs

  • Spoke with Tim Gossen about admissions and what the senate can do to help with gaining prospective students. 
  • Jack will create and send out a form this week to help Tim with the admissions process. 
    • Jack will include in the form
      • Your major, your class, why you love it at Saint Mary’s and one great experience you have had during your time at Saint Mary’s. 
  • Student Senate is a focal point for tours on campus 
    • We are the identified as leaders on campus!

 Nick Kiemel, Vice President of Campus Affairs

  • Capital Improvements are still being sorted and spoken to about with Jim Bedke. 
    • What is being put into place around campus from Senate: 
      • New fire pits for SAC
      • A wax set for the shuffleboards
      • New pool cues  
      • New Ping Pong set 
      • New air hockey controllers 
      • New basketballs, soccer balls, and volleyballs for the RAC

Paige Morris, Vice President of Student Affairs

  • Events for this week
    • Wednesday 11/8
      • Black Friday Bingo 8:00
    • Saturday 11/11
      • Women’s hockey 2:00
      • Mens basketball 7:00
      • Ax Throwing off campus 3:00 
    • Sunday
      • DIY body scrubs 1:00

Noah Kiemel, Vice President of Media and Communications

  • Giveaway has gone great!
    • We have gained over 100+ new followers
  • Giving out the Polaroid on 11/8 

Maddi Clark, Vice President of Administrative Affairs 

  • Class officers come see me after the meeting to discuss next steps for fundraising. 

Leah Parker, Vice President of Multicultural Affairs

  • Nothing to report. 

Ann Merchlewitz, Advisor

  • Nothing to report. 

Class Officer Reports


  • Nothing to report


  • Nothing to report 


  • Emailed Myles and Joel about 50/50 raffle 
    • Planning on doing this during Men’s and Women’s basketball and also Men’s hockey during Homecoming week 


  • Met with Myles for upcoming alcohol sales 
  • This is to ensure everything is put in place for the magician coming next week
    • This is a collaboration with SAC 


Motion made to Adjourn- Caden Rodning

Seconded – Mario Rodriguez Gomez 

Meeting Adjourned at 7:33 p.m.