Student Senate Meeting Minutes (12-5-23)

Posted By: Ann Merchlewitz On: 2023-12-12
Posted On: 2023-12-12

Meeting was called to order by President Maggie Newhouse at 7:00 p.m. 

Members Present: Connor Close, Dayanara Saldarriaga, Mario Rodriguez Gomez, Alison French, Gabe Potyk, Abbie Stigler (Madi Whittman), Abby Nosbisch, Makenna Vickery, Caden Rodning, Emma Mara, Teagan Phillips (Colin Tushie), Melanie Winzenburg, Emma Gerdes, Maggie Newhouse, Paige Morris, Jack Campion, Sam Frick, Joel Tranel, Maddi Clark, Noah Kiemel, Nick, Kiemel, and Ann Merchlewitz 

Members Absent: None 

Members Excused: Leah Parker, Jacob Fiala, Sidney Polzin, and Mallory Von Tersch 

Pickleball Club: 

  • 70 students signed up 
  • 3 courts 
  • 10 students on average come every Monday 
  • Meet 7:30-8:30 on Mondays 
  • $500 grant requested 
  • Members are beginners and experienced players 
  • Healthy and active lifestyle 
    • Regular physical activity 
    • Funds will be used for equipment and setting up the RAC 
  • Diverse Backgrounds throughout the group 
    • Friendships 
  • Community events and workshops will be used for the funding 
  • Inclusivity 
  • The goal is to give everyone the opportunity to learn and play
  • Want to create a tournament this year 
    • Don’t have to be a member 
    • In the second semester 

Executive Board Reports 

Maggie Newhouse, President 

  • Sustainability Club is now a Senate-recognized club 
  • Water bottle filler in the gym 
  • Santa’s Workshop 12/6 
    • Still need one more volunteer to work the 4-5pm shift 
  • Thank you cards to sign before you leave 

Sam Frick, Vice President of Academic Affairs 

  • Course Registration Survey is now complete; putting together a report for the Student Success Center 

Joel Tranel, Vice President of Financial Affairs 

  • The Budget Training meeting is on Monday, Dec. 11, in Salvi Hall at 5:30 p.m. Any E-board member of a club should be there to know how to request funds for the upcoming school year. 

Jack Campion, Vice President of Public Affairs 

  • Meeting on Thursday with MAPCS 

Nick Kiemel, Vice President of Campus Affairs 

  • Working on getting a quote for a new booth 
  • Ice Machine for in the pub 
  • Sending out a survey for feedback for Chartwells and the pub next week 

Paige Morris, Vice President of Student Affairs 

  • Events for this week 
    • Tuesday 
    • Wednesday 
      • Women’s Basketball 7-8 
    • Thursday 
    • Friday 
      • Mindfulness event before hockey game 5:45-6:45 
      • Men’s hockey 7 pm 
    • Saturday 
      • SAC Mall of America trip 8-6 

Noah Kiemel, Vice President of Media and Communications 

  • Day in the life available for any senators that would like to 

Maddi Clark, Vice President of Administrative Affairs 

Nothing to report. 

Leah Parker, Vice President of Multicultural Affairs 

Nothing to report. 

Ann Merchlewitz, Advisor 

  • Hendrickson 136 & 137 
    • Soft open on the relax/ destress rooms 
    • Katie Pierpont will send out more information 
  • Day of the Capitol: March 12 
  • Voter registration – student input
  • WINC nonprofit will help with a distressing event before Men’s Hockey this week 

Class Officer Reports 


Nothing to report 


Nothing to report 


  • 50/50 Raffle: Raised $213 


  • Makenna will be graduating after December 
    • A new Senior Class Officer will need to be found 

Senator Concerns: 

  • Student Senate Sledding Event – Connor 
    • Coordinate with Chartwells for hot chocolate 
    • The first 2 weeks of school back in January 
  • Sledding behind the golf cart 
  • Partner with Brother John for the ski equipment