Student Senate Meeting Minutes (12-12-23)

Posted By: Ann Merchlewitz On: 2023-12-18
Posted On: 2023-12-18

Student Senate Meeting Minutes 


Meeting was called to order by President Maggie Newhouse at 7:00 p.m. 

Members Present Mario Rodriguez Gomez, Connor Close, Dayanara Saldarriaga, Alison French, Sidney Polzin (David Nesberg), Gabe Potyk (Jacqueline Avilez), Abbie Stigler, Jacob Fiala, Abby Nosbisch, Makenna Vickery, Caden Rodning, Emma Mara (Daytona Dahler), Teagan Phillips (Collin Tushie), Melanie Winzenburg, Mallory Von Tersch (Blake Arneson), Emma Gerdes, Paige Morris, Jack Campion, Sam Frick, Maggie Newhouse, Joel Tranel, Nick Kiemel, Noah Kiemel, Maddi Clark and Ann Merchlewitz 

Members Absent None 

Members Excused Leah Parker 

Guest Speaker – A Getzin 

  • RezLife 
  • Run all of the housing 
  • Incorporating students 
  • “Be where your feet are.” 
  • RA crew deals with all of the important situations 
    • Mental health 
    • Parties 
    • Dorm events 
  • Request from Senate 
    • Looking for wonderful students who want to be RAs 
    • On TVs for application processes 
    • Recruiting tools 
  • Thankful for the support from the Senate 
    • Especially with the Food Pantry 
  • Food Pantry 
    • Prices have increased for groceries, so having donations from the Senate really helps buy food for breaks 
    • Everyone is respectful of the amount of food they take whether it is a meal or snacks 
    • Hours: Business hours 
      •  if it is late, then RAs have access, and so does Campus Safety
    • Was just awarded a grant of $2,000 for fridges and food to fill them wit
  •  RezLife has an open-door policy 
    • Come in and get to know everyone 
    • Be present and helpful to all students 
  • Bob the Bread Man comes on Monday Mornings 
    • Brings baked goods that Hyvee was going to throw away 

Executive Board Reports 

Maggie Newhouse, President 

  • Pickleball Club is now a Senate-recognized club. 
  • Maintenance will begin installing another water bottle filler by the locker rooms in Toner. This one will be on the opposite side of the one we installed last year. 
  • This is our last meeting of the semester. Thank you all for your work through the first half of the year. Please prepare yourself for a busy spring semester when you return in January and best of luck on your finals. 
  • Makenna, thank you for all of your hard work this semester, and best of luck in the future. 
  • Dayanara, thank you for being a part of the Senate. We are sad to see you go, and we wish you all the best. 
  • Please spread the word about these two vacant positions in the Senate. 
    • If you know anyone interested in running for Senior Class Officer or At-Large Representative, please have them reach out to Noah. 
  • January 16th, Father Burns will be attending the Student Senate meeting. 
    • I will send out a Google form to submit your questions for him. 
    • I will then review your questions and prepare them for the Q&A with him at the meeting. 
    • Just a heads up: the dress code will be business professional that day, so please keep that in mind as you return to campus. 
  • Looking ahead a little again, January 15 is Inclusion and Human Dignity Week. 
    • Jacob Fiala, our IHM Seminary Representative, will lead a prayer service at 6:45 here in Salvi before the meeting. 
    • Attendance is not mandatory, but we would appreciate it if all the senators could attend. This service is open to all of the students and staff on campus. 
    • Women’s Basketball at 5 pm on Wednesday 

Sam Frick, Vice President of Academic Affairs 

Nothing to report 

Joel Tranel, Vice President of Financial Affairs 

  • Held a Budget Training Meeting last night; roughly 30 clubs attended. A reminder that clubs need to email both SMUMN Senate Email and myself. 
    • February 18th at midnight is the deadline to submit a budget. 
    • Finance Committee, I will be sending an email over Christmas Break to set a meeting time for the second semester 
    • We will start hearing about budgets when we get back from Spring Break.
  • Thank you to all those who showed up and helped with Santa’s Workshop; it was a huge hit, and lots of students attended 

Jack Campion, Vice President of Public Affairs 

  • Met with MAPCS and talked about the day of the capital 
  • MAPCS needs people to fill their chair and legislative positions 
  • Met with Mrs Ann about the day of the capital details 
    • More details will be discussed when more information is provided 
  • Voter Registration 
    • Try to get as many students on campus involved with registering to vote 
    • We will be using the executive board as the committee to run ideas past for registration 
    • If anyone else has ideas or questions, feel free to reach out to Jack or Mrs Ann 

Nick Kiemel, Vice President of Campus Affairs 

  • Chartwells survey was sent out to the student body, so please fill that out 
    • 165 responses so far 
  • Getting the ice machine priced 
  • The booth in the pub is getting priced 

Paige Morris, Vice President of Student Affairs 

  • Events for the week 
    • Wednesday
      • Men’s Basketball 7 pm 
    • Thursday 
      • Coffee and cocoa 10-12 hall of fame
      • Christmas light service 8:30 
      • Christmas Breakfast 9:00-10:30 pm in caf 
        • Served by faculty and staff 
        • Santa, games, Christmas caroling 

Noah Kiemel, Vice President of Media and Communications 

  • Thank you to Joel and Sam for doing a day in the life on Instagram 
  • The Senior Class officer position needs to be filled 


Maddi Clark, Vice President of Administrative Affairs 

Nothing to report 


Leah Parker, Vice President of Multicultural Affairs 

Nothing to report 


Ann Merchlewitz, Advisor 

  • Prefinals Breakfast raffle on Thursday 
  • Good Luck on Finals 
  • Safe Travels 
  • Thank you to Dayanara and Makenna for your service in the Senate 


Class Officer Reports 


Nothing to report 



Nothing to report 



Nothing to report 



Nothing to report 


Other Concerns: 




Motion made to Adjourn- Caden Rodning 

Seconded – Mario Rodriguez Gomez 


Meeting Adjourned at 7:24 p.m