Student Senate Meeting Minutes (1-30-24)

Posted By: Ann Merchlewitz On: 2024-02-01
Posted On: 2024-02-01

Student Senate Meeting Minutes


Meeting was called to order by Vice President of Financial Affairs Joel Tranel at 7:00 p.m.

Members Present
Connor Close, Lizzie Pike, Mario Rodriguez Gomez, Alison French, Sidney Polzin (David
Nesburg), Gabe Potyk, Abbie Stigler, Jacob Fiala, Abby Nosbisch, Owen Ziegler (Mason Klett),
Caden Rodning, Emma Mara, Teagan Phillips (Colin Tushie), Melanie Winzenburg, Mallory Von
Tersch (Macava Smith), Emma Gerdes, Paige Morris, Jack Campion, Sam Frick, Joel Tranel,
Noah Kiemel, Nick Kiemel, Maddi Clark and Ann Merchlewitz

Members Absent

Members Excused
Leah Parker & Maggie Newhouse

Resolution 005: Ice Machine for Cardinal Club
● Nick Kiemel is proposing Resolution 005.
● The Capital Improvement that he is proposing is an ice machine in the Cardinal Club.
● Putting an ice machine in the pub will benefit students in several ways. The first being that this was the number one response in the capital improvements survey from the beginning of the semester. Secondly, this solution does not require multiple ice machines to be placed in residence halls, as the Cardinal Club is a common location where students gather. This also benefits students’ ability to get water, as the closest water filling station is either upstairs in the cafeteria or near the gymnasium. Several students have asked if this project (ice machines in residence halls) will be put into action.
● This will have nugget ice and also a water filler.
● The amount that is being requested to fund Resolution 005 is $8,500. This would cover the cost of the machine itself and the stand it would be placed on.
● Motion to Adopt Resolution 005: Ice Machine for Cardinal Club, Caden Rodning
● Second: Jacob Fiala
● Votes:
○ For: 16
○ Against: 0
○ Abstain: 0
● Resolution Passes

Academic Request – ACS Conference
● Maddie Patterson & Brooke Kline present to explain the conference.
● ACS Conference – American Chemistry Society
● They had to send in their abstract to be picked and be invited to the conference.
● They will be traveling to New Orleans over the Saint Patrick’s Day holiday.
● This conference is to present their senior thesis projects and interact with other chemistry students from different universities around the country.
● They are also wanting to reach out and talk to the graduate school representatives while they are there.
● They are asking for money for plane tickets and money for travel to and from the airport.
○ Finance committee is suggesting to give them $680
● Motion to fund at the suggested amount of $680 – Connor Close
○ Second – Mario Rodriguez Gomez
● Voting:
○ For: 16
○ Against: 0
○ Abstain: 0
● Motion Passes unanimously

Executive Board Reports

Maggie Newhouse, President
● Please sign the thank you cards of Father Burns and A Getzin on your way out.
● Just a reminder to make sure you are scraping off your plates and bowls in the cafeteria before putting them on the line. This helps the eatery staff and helps keep things cleaner.

Joel Tranel, Vice President of Financial Affairs
● If you are in a club or board member of a club, please reach out to myself and the Student Senate to request a form. Forms are due February 18th at 11:59pm.

Sam Frick, Vice President of Academic Affairs
● Nothing to report.

Paige Morris, Vice President of Student Affairs
● Events for the week

○ Wednesday

○ Thursday
■ Name that tune Toner Lounge 7pm

○ Friday
■ Women’s Tennis 5:30pm
■ Men’s Tennis 6pm
■ Women’s Hockey 7pm

○ Saturday
■ Women’s Hockey 2 pm
■ Men’s Tennis 6pm
■ Men’s Hockey 7pm

○ Sunday

○ Monday
■ Men’s Basketball 7pm

Jack Campion, Vice President of Public Affairs

● Will have a meeting with Ms. Ann to figure out more legistics for Day of the Capital.

Nick Kiemel, Vice President of Campus Affairs
● Paige and Nick had a meeting with Niki to discuss updating the weight rooms in the residence halls.
● We are looking at updating the benches near Cardinal Coffee.
● He is planning on sending out another capital improvement survey soon.
● Met with the strength and conditioning coach for a weight room update. Might possibly send out a survey for suggestions on what the weight room should look like or what student needs are in this area.

Noah Kiemel, Vice President of Media and Communications
● Working on doing Senator Spotlights on the Instagram account. Please fill out the form I sent out. There are a variety of questions so that I can have some good content on the site.

Maddi Clark, Vice President of Administrative Affairs
● Nothing to report.

Leah Parker, Vice President of Multicultural Affairs
● Nothing to report.

Ann Merchlewitz, Advisor
● The students who are using the Orange Lot, we have talked to maintenance about putting up signs for the lot indicating “Student Parking Only.”  We have also reached out to the coach of WSHS nordic ski team to remind them to park in our overflow parking lot.
● In the Yon’s parking lot, we are exploring changing the the faculty/staff parking to student parking.

Class Officer Reports

● Nothing to report

● Nothing to report

● Nothing to report
● Nothing to report

Senator Concerns:
● None.

Motion made to Adjourn- Caden Rodning
Seconded – Emma Mara
Motion passes unanimously
Meeting Adjourned at 7:13 p.m.