STEM Day is Saturday, April 9!

Posted On: 2022-04-05
Chemistry & Physics Club welcomes you to our second annual STEM Day open house!
STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Come and walk through Aquinas open house-style, stopping in rooms as they interest you. After dark, we are excited to host S’mores and Stargazing! Don’t forget to come back and join us to eat yummy treats and look at the stars with a real, physicist’s telescope! Some demo highlights include build your own first aid kit FREE (first 25 people!), DIY slime (and take it home!), constellation room retreat, and mental health exercises. ALL ARE WELCOME! We are especially inviting those with minimal experience in STEM fields to come and learn what your STEM-major friends and peers do in our shiny glass building. Faculty are more than welcome too, and are invited to bring your children/families!
All demos are targeted at an entry-level of knowledge and are designed to be fun, interactive, safe, and educational. The demo open house will be held in Aquinas Hall from 1:30-5 pm and we will reconvene after dark at 8 pm for s’mores and stargazing! (Weather permitting)
Stargazing and S’mores will be held differently under a few conditions:
  • Clear night, not too windy – stargazing AND s’mores
  • Completely cloudy, not too windy – s’mores only
  • Clear night, too windy for a safe fire – stargazing only
  • Final calls on what we will do will be made day/night of.
Looking forward to seeing the whole campus there!
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