SMU Day of Giving is March 14

Posted By: Ellen Heydon On: 2023-03-13
Posted On: 2023-03-13

Together, we can help shape the future for students at Saint Mary’s.

Saint Mary’s Day of Giving is a 24-hour giving challenge where we come together to support our students. Our goal is to increase the financial resources available for scholarships, academic programs, and enhancements to both on ground and online learning environments. In particular, we ask for your help in supporting the Saint Mary’s Fund, one of the university’s most important resources. Click here to make your gift today!

Why March 14th?

Saint Mary’s  celebrates Founders Day every spring. Although the date varies year-to-year (this year it is March 14th, 2022), on Founders Day we honor our two founders, Saint John Baptist de La Salle and Bishop Patrick R. Heffron. Since being established in 1912, Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota has been changing the lives of its students and the communities in which it serves. Founders Day serves as a reminder to campus of our origins and special Lasallian mission.

Saint Mary’s Day of Giving is an homage the Lasallian principles that guide our educational values every day. We ask everyone who believes in the value of a Saint Mary’s education – friends, family, alumni, students and employees – to show their pride in Saint Mary’s through a gift that will go to support further efforts of the university, advances in education, and academic opportunities for all our students.

Every Gift Matters

Sometimes it’s not the size of the gift but the number of people who choose to join in that has the most impact. Participation – at any level – in Saint Mary’s Day of Giving can make a big difference in the following ways:

  • Influences Major Donors and Granting Organizations. Granting organizations and major donors often use the number of donors to an institution to make decisions about their own giving. They see the number of donors as a demonstration of how alumni and others see the value of the organization they know best. More donors often correlates with more support from major benefactors.
  • Affects University Rankings. The number of alumni donors is particularly important. University rankings done by independent organizations often take the percentage of alumni who donate into account when determining overall scores. The number of alumni who give each year can affect a school’s ranking. The rank of a school is not just for those inside the institution – it affects everyone who holds a degree from the school. The higher the school rank in these publications, the more value your degree holds to potential employers.
  • Higher Quality Education. More investment through philanthropy provides additional tools and resources beyond what is normally covered through tuition alone. Sometimes the funds are used to provide more financial resources to students, like scholarships and financial aid, making it easier for current students or opening the doors to students who otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity. The net result is a higher quality education, that more students can access, without passing additional costs on to those who use the resources.

These are impacts that have nothing to do with the dollar amount given – just simply the fact that a gift was made. It doesn’t matter what you give – but every gift matters.