SGPP Students Graduate from Deloitte Future of Work

Posted By: Kerri Carlson Anderson On: 2023-12-08
Posted On: 2023-12-08

Congratulations to our pilot cohort of SGPP students who are graduating today from the Deloitte Future of Work Institute™.

Thanks to generous grants from the Catholic Community Foundation and the League of Catholic Women, Career Services was able to provide funding for 30 SGPP students to participate in a 4-session virtual bootcamp during fall semester to develop a common foundation for what the Future of Work means, including supplemental modules on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and networking to apply knowledge.

Program graduates earned a Deloitte credential through Credly.

Graduates of the institute are currently enrolled in the following programs:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Business Intelligence & Data Analytics
  • Counseling & Psychological Services
  • Cybersecurity
  • Educational Leadership
  • Human Resource Management
  • MBA
  • Master of Social Work
  • Doctorate in Business Administration
  • Doctorate in Executive Director of Education in Leadership
  • Doctorate in Leadership

Deloitte is the Global Leader in Workforce Management Consulting and the Global Leader in Leadership Development (by ALM Vanguard).

The Future of Work Institute™ brings Deloitte’s global reach and leading insights and data on the jobs, skills, and industries of tomorrow to prepare the next generation to thrive as members of the workforce.

The Future of Work Institute™ provides learning experiences that equip learners with human skills that are common across all careers, amplifies their resiliency and adaptive mindset in the face of constant change, and provides the framework and environment to envision and design a fulfilling, meaningful work life.

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We hope to offer this program again in Fall 2024.