SGPP 2022 Summer Semester Update

Posted On: 2022-04-04

As we have done throughout the pandemic, we are closely monitoring COVID-19 cases in Minnesota as we approach the summer semester.  We are pleased to announce that, for the upcoming summer semester, courses that were previously offered as on-ground, in-person courses will return to that modality. Please check the Student Portal for specific information on your courses.  

Consistent with university protocols, masks are required on campus as follows:

  • During classes: Faculty may require students to wear masks during class time. Faculty will be asked to notify their classes about their preferences. Students must respect and comply with masking requirements from faculty. 
  • In individual offices or departments: Masks may be required in individual offices, at the discretion of individual employees. 
  • At other large events/gatherings: Masks are required at large events or gatherings, as determined by the university.

All members of the Saint Mary’s community are expected to keep a mask with them at all times and follow masking requirements when notified or posted by a sign.  

The university supports everyone who chooses to wear a mask even when it is not required. Everyone is expected to respect individual choices about masking, remembering, for example, that people may choose to mask because they are simply uncomfortable without a mask, they are immuno-compromised, or they have small children at home who cannot be vaccinated.

Students, faculty, and staff are asked to use discretion when with others or in large groups by observing appropriate physical distancing of 6 feet.

Saint Mary’s University expects all SGPP students attending in-person, on-ground courses, to have a COVID-19 vaccination, unless a medical or non-medical exemption is filed. Information on the process for proof of vaccination or for filing an exemption are posted in the health portal. While the university is not requiring a COVID-19 vaccination booster, we do encourage all students to file proof of any booster in the health portal.

Together we are Saint Mary’s. Together we are stronger.