Saint Mary’s Theatre Program Fall Production Auditions

Posted By: Jimmy Bickerstaff On: 2023-09-06
Posted On: 2023-09-06

ALL students, faculty, and staff are invited!

Theatre production and activity – in all categories and capacities – is open to all students, faculty and staff, both onstage and off, acting, technical crews of all kinds in lighting, costume, sound, props, and stage management.

Fall Theatre Production

Performances: November 9, 10, & 11, 2023

Magic by G.K. Chesterton (Page Theatre, Winona). Directed by Dr. Jimmy Bickerstaff

The play is a pleasing mix of 1913 British comedy and drama, romance and suspense. A magician is hired by a Duke to entertain some guests one evening at his estate. The Duke’s nephew is an arrogant young agnostic who has been living in America and is determined to expose all the magician’s tricks. But there is one trick he cannot explain and it nearly drives him mad. Thus does Chesterton combine two of his favorite themes, magic and madness. Meanwhile, the magician and the Duke’s niece, naturally, fall in love. Rounding out the cast are the Duke himself, comical, and extremely open-minded, along with a skeptical doctor and a less skeptical clergyman, who embody the necessary clash of ideas about truth, faith, and reason.

General auditions will take place Tuesday, September 5 through Thursday, September 7 starting each night at 6:00pm in the Page Theatre. All students, faculty, and staff are invited to audition. Audition materials will be provided at the audition. No preparation is necessary.

Casting: Actors who are cast will be contacted with more information via email.

Rehearsals will generally be held Mondays through Thursdays except for fall break, beginning on Monday, September 11, from 6-9pm. The full rehearsal schedule, dates and locations will be available at the auditions and will be provided in more detail to those who are cast.

Crew Information

Anyone wishing to volunteer to work backstage or with lighting or in the scene or costume shops, or for any other production position should contact Performance Center Technical Director Kamryn Matta at

Scripts for Magic are available on reserve in the Fitzgerald Library!