SAC E-Board Nominations and Elections

Posted By: Student Activities On: 2023-04-03
Posted On: 2023-04-03

Join SAC eboard and help plan events around campus! Fill out this form to nominate yourself or someone else!

Nominations are due on April 14, 2023.
Elections will occur during the SAC Elections meeting on Thursday, April 20 at 6pm in Toner Lounge.
Available positions:
  • Executive Officers Duties
    1. Obtain a SMUMN drivers certification. 
    2. Attend bi-weekly Executive Board meetings and general SAC meetings
    3. Attend bi-weekly one on one meetings with advisors
    4. Represent SAC in administrative and decision making capacities 
    5. Serve a one year term on the Executive Board and is eligible for re-election.  
  • President
    1. Serve as the outward facing representative of the student organization 
    2. Lead corrective measures when appropriate amongst SAC members
    3. Create agenda and lead eboard meetings and general SAC meetings
    4. Supervise the programming team (Signature Events, Outdoor Leadership, Off Campus Events, and Program Coordinators (2)) 
    5. Attend clubs and organizations leadership meetings (1x Month) 
    6. Attend National Association of Campus Activities conference (Spring) 
    7. Schedule and attend regular meetings with the Coordinator of RISE
    8. Lead 1-3 Events Per Month
    9. Maintain Internal SAC event calendar
  • Vice President
    1. Supervise the administrative team (Executive Assistant)
    2. Maintain SAC Google Drive and monitor SAC Email
    3. Support budgeting and provide treasury reports to executive board
    4. Lead the budgeting process (Spring)
    5. Print SAC posters and advertisements 
    6. Maintain SAC events on Student Affair collaborative calendar
    7. Schedule rooms and motor pool cars for events 
    8. Attend clubs and organizations leadership meetings (1x Month) 
  • Executive Assistant 
    1. Responsible for note taking during all meetings
    2. Maintain record of attendance at SAC meetings and events
    3. Monitor SAC Email
    4. Sending weekly event reminder emails and SAC meeting reminders
    5. Manage SAC’s Instagram account and content
    6. Program evaluations and assessments 
    7. Maintain username and passwords for SAC systems, including email account, zoom and Kahoot. 
  • Outdoor Leadership Chair
    1. Lead at least one outdoor / active event per month (8 total)
    2. Plan and execute the Spring Break trip, in collaboration with the Off Campus Events Chair
    3. Maintain knowledge of outdoor equipment owned by SAC, outdoor leadership, and the environmental awareness center
  • Signature Events Chair
    1. Responsible for the planning and execution of Block Party (fall), Cardinal Fest (fall), Snow Daze (Winter), and Plaza Palooza (spring) on campus
    2. Serve as a member and liaison to the Benefit Dance Committee
    3. Maintain oversight of Multicultural Week, in collaboration with MIX, SAGA, BSA, and RISE
    4. Attend clubs and organizations leadership meetings (1x Month) 
  • Event Coordinator (x2 Positions)
    1. Plan 2-3 events per month
    2. Assist Signature Events Chair with large event programming
  • Off Campus Events Chair
    1. Plan at least one off campus event per month (8 total) 
    2. Assist Outdoor Leadership Chair with Spring Break Trip
    3. Coordinate logistics for off campus events – including transportation, event ticketing, and hospitality
    4. Work with outside vendors and companies to arrange off campus events – must have excellent professionalism and communication skills