Robertson Presents in Alaska

Posted By: Kathleen Allen On: 2023-11-14
Posted On: 2023-11-14

In late October, GSS Executive Director Andy Robertson presented at the 2023 Alaska Geosummit in Anchorage. The summit brought together geospatial professionals to share experiences, provide updates on mapping initiatives, and learn about technology trends that provide innovative solutions for problems with a geographic perspective. Andy’s presentation was titled “Creative Approaches to Funding Alaska Wetland Inventories, Educational Programs, and Stakeholder Training”. GSS has been working with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for over 20 years to help build wetland data and programs with a variety of federal, state and tribal partners in Alaska. Funding for wetland inventory and management can often be challenging to obtain. GSS and its partners have employed a variety of strategies to generate initial and ongoing wetland program funding, which Andy shared with summit attendees. He also focused on the importance of building partnerships with Alaska Native Villages and Corporations in order to support sustainable land management and develop technology skills for tribal youth in isolated communities.