Reminder: You Must Not Cover Interior Windows In Your Office

Posted By: Tami Lubinski On: 2023-07-26
Posted On: 2023-07-26

In 2012 the University launched a program to add interior windows to all offices, classrooms, conference rooms, labs and virtually every other room in all of the University buildings. The decision to add windows to all spaces, with a few obvious exceptions, was to provide protections for our students, faculty and staff. The University started by adding windows to all of the University Cabinet members’ offices, starting with the President. Some rooms already had windows of various sizes. Where there were no windows we added the 100 square inch windows that many of you have in your offices.

We have a large number of new employees that have joined the University in the last few years. The purpose of this email is to provide background to the rationale for all of the windows and share with you the requirement that the windows must not be covered up. The offices that have very large windows generally have blinds but the blinds must remain slightly open at all times. We understand that sometimes it is necessary to cover the window for a short time. As an example some of our colleagues bike to work and may choose to change some item of clothing in their office. We may have nursing mothers that may choose to use their office, if they have a private office, rather than the family rooms on each campus. However, generally the windows must remain uncovered at all times.

We have a wide variety of rooms, offices, doors and interior windows. If you have questions about this requirement you may contact Jim Bedtke at