Reminder of photography policy

Posted By: Michelle Rovang On: 2023-10-04
Posted On: 2023-10-04
The Saint Mary’s community is the best resource for portraying the life of the university, and as a result images/videos of people publicly engaged in university-related events or campus life are often taken for these purposes. Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota reserves the right to take photographs of campus facilities, events, faculty, staff, students, and guests in any areas of the campus where subjects would not have an expectation of privacy.
Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota uses photographs, photographic images, names, and audio/video recordings of employees, students, or guests for general publicity in publications, on its website, on social media, in public relations, promotions, and advertising, etc. Your presence in or around university facilities and/or properties, as well as at off-campus university-sponsored events, constitutes your consent to capture and/or use of your image or likeness without remuneration.
Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota does not collect release forms from its students, faculty, staff members, or guests for the use of images or films taken on campus. Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota understands that there may be employees, students (or parents/guardians of such person if under the age of 18), who may wish to not be photographed or have their image used for university-related purposes and can opt-out by contacting the Marketing and Communications Office and completing a Photo Opt-Out Form. Likewise, guests of the university, who do not wish to be photographed or have their image used for university-related purposes can contact the Admission Office and complete a Photo Opt-Out Form.
Unless a fully completed Photo Opt-Out Form is on file, your image and/or likeness may at any time be captured by still photography, videography, or other photographic or electronic means. The university reserves the right to use any such image, photograph, video, or the like for university-related purposes.
Those who do NOT want to be photographed and have completed a Photo Opt-Out Form are responsible for notifying the camera operator of their opt-out status, and/or removing themselves from any event where photographs/videography are in use. Failure to do so may result in the employee’s or student’s inclusion in a photograph or recording and will be treated as a release, allowing the university to utilize that photograph or recording accordingly.
Thank you,
Office of Marketing and Communication