Ratajczyk Talks AI at International Lasallian Conference

Posted By: Dean Beckman On: 2023-10-17
Posted On: 2023-10-17

Michael Ratajczyk, Associate Professor and Program Director for Business Intelligence and Data Analytics in the School of Business and Technology, recently took center stage at an international Lasallian education conference.  He addressed a diverse gathering of over 200 attendees from Central and South American Lasallian schools and universities, shedding light on the current and future implications of artificial intelligence (AI) on society, international trade, culture, and sustainability. In his presentation, Michael navigated between English and Spanish, bridging linguistic barriers and fostering a deeper understanding of AI’s global impact.  He fielded questions in English and Spanish.

Ratajczyk’s discourse delved into AI’s transformative potential in various areas, industries, regions, and socioeconomic groups, emphasizing the need for collaborative efforts in harnessing its benefits while mitigating risks. His engagement with the audience underscored the importance of cross-cultural dialogue in addressing the challenges and opportunities posed by AI, making this event a pivotal moment for students, educators and institutions alike in Central and South America.