Ratajczyk Presents GenAI and Competitive Intelligence

Posted By: Michael Ratajczyk On: 2023-08-21
Posted On: 2023-08-21

Generative AI’s influence continues to expand as it finds applications in diverse fields, from creative content generation to data analysis and decision-making support.

Michael Ratajczyk recently addressed a group of competitive intelligence analysts at a Society for Competitive Intelligence chamber event, discussing the use of Generative AI tools in intelligence gathering and the associated ethical and legal considerations. The talk highlighted the benefits and challenges of integrating AI into competitive intelligence, emphasizing the need to address privacy, manipulation, and authenticity concerns in this evolving landscape. The event provided a platform for industry experts to engage in crucial discussions about responsible AI implementation and its impact on knowledge acquisition.

Ratajczyk also presented as a panel expert for WCET – WICHE, The Western Alliance of Community College Academic Leaders.  In the panel, Ratajczyk represented industry usage of GenerativeAI tools such as ChatGPT, Bard, Midjourney, Mage, Adobe Creative Studio, and others.  His participation also included the value and importance of teaching critical and creative thinking skills combined with project experiences in using those skills as being paramount in a world filled with GenerativeAI tools.

Michael Ratajczyk, Associate Professor of Business and Communication and Program Director in the School of Business and Technology, works with the Master of Business Intelligence and Data Analytics program as well as the bachelor programs of the same name and graduate certificates in Business Analytics, Healthcare Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence.   He is also at the end of his third (and in his words, ‘hopefully final’ ) year of his Ph.D. program in Artificial Intelligence. Michael is excited to bring his research and experiences back to the classroom this fall to share with students.