Quality Initiative (QI) Approved by HLC

Posted By: Heather Nickel On: 2023-10-18
Posted On: 2023-10-18

The university recently received approval from the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) of its Quality Initiative (QI), focused on developing a data analytics initiative for the university with the implementation of Jenzabar Analytics.  The initiative, titled Advancing Data Analytics: Jenzabar Analytics, will be led by Tracy Lehnertz, Assistant VP for Institutional Effectiveness, and Kara Wener, Director of Data Analytics and Institutional Research.  Ryan Kenaga, Systems Analyst in Information Technology, will also play a key role.

The QI is part of the university’s reaccreditation expectations within the Open Pathway, which requires an institution to designate one major improvement effort that it undertakes between year 5 and year 9 of the 10-year reaccreditation cycle.  Development of a data warehouse was an initiative within Goal #5 of the university’s strategic plan.  However, that initiative was delayed due to budget constraints, and when the university replaced its student information system with Jenzabar, it found that a more scaled approach using a data lake (instead of a data warehouse) within Jenzabar Analytics would support creation of data dashboards.  The initiative began in late August and a final report to HLC on the progress of the QI is due in December 2024.

On another exciting note, we are in our 7th year of our 10-year accreditation, so our reaccreditation is coming up in 2026. I am looking forward to working with each of you on reaccreditation and assessment activities.