Professor Ratajczyk Speaks with Minnesota DEED

Posted By: Michael Ratajczyk On: 2023-05-03
Posted On: 2023-05-03

At the DEED event, Professor Ratajczyk spoke on the topic of how Artificial Intelligence will impact the workforce in Minnesota. He provided insights on how AI adoption can be a game-changer for businesses and offered tips for businesses to navigate the changing landscape. Drawing on his diverse background as a faculty member, program director, and PhD student specializing in corporate AI adoption, he discussed the potential for generative AI to enhance productivity and drive innovation in the workplace.

He also touched on the importance of upskilling and reskilling the workforce to stay ahead of the curve, as AI continues to shape the job market. Professor Ratajczyk’s discussion emphasized the need for businesses to adapt and embrace AI to remain competitive in today’s economy. The audience left the event with a deeper understanding of the opportunities and challenges that AI presents, as well as some practical strategies for harnessing its power to achieve success in the workforce.