Pod and Ponder: Flow with Dr. Rustin Wolfe

Posted By: Sarah Haugen On: 2023-03-22
Posted On: 2023-03-22

We are excited for yet another installment of our Pod and Ponder learning series!  Pod and Ponder is a learning series that invites any and all to immerse themselves into an audio experience each month and come together to discuss the learning with colleagues. 

This Friday, March 24th, Dr. Rustin Wolfe will lead us in conversation around the mystical concept of being in Flow.  Dr. Wolfe has done extensive work and is featured on this month’s Pod and Ponder Podcast Flow: when the impossible becomes possible(54:00).  Take some time to listen to what Rustin and others have to say about the possibilities that arise when one finds themselves in that blissful state of flow and how “the impossible becomes possible.”  We will gather Friday afternoon at 12:15 via Zoom to dialog with others about how this concept impacts our daily lives.  Join us by following the steps below!

  1. Access and listen to our featured podcast of the month: Flow: when the impossible becomes possible(54:00).
  2. Register for our Pod and Ponder gathering session to get the calendar invitation
  3. Attend the Pod and Ponder session Friday to discuss and learn more about Flow and how it relates to your work, life, and teaching.

Zoom Link:  https://smumn.zoom.us/j/81734483799