Planning to intern this summer or fall?

Posted On: 2022-03-10
NOW is the time to start your search for your internship opportunity–yes, even for fall! An internship might be the most important thing you do to prepare for your career while you are in college. In most cases, students who graduate with an internship are hired more quickly and often paid more than their classmates who do not participate in an internship.
Register to attend one of these internship sessions either on campus or online to learn the ins and outs of the internship process and maximize your experience.
The session will cover:
  • How to find an internship.
  • What you need to land your internship
  • Procedures to complete the internship for academic credit, including the registration process and learning plan.
  • Required items to complete during your internship.
  • Making the most of your internship experience.

Sign up on Handshake for one of the following workshops:

IN-PERSON – Friday, March 11 from 2:30 – 3:15 PM in Toner Student Center Room 9


VIRTUAL – Tuesday, March 15 from 12:30 – 1: 15 PM