Payment Plan and Financial Aid Update

Posted By: Tianna Johnson On: 2023-09-08
Posted On: 2023-09-08

As we progress into our fall semester, we recognize that some of our students have been awaiting additional information regarding payment plans and financial aid. If pertinent to you, please find an update outlined below.

Payment Plans

Payment plans for all students are now available via The Nest.  Please access them on the Student Tab under the Finances page. Click on “Go to CASHNet” to get started.  For more detailed directions, click here. SGPP Tuition for Fall is due on September 21, so please submit the payment plans by that date.

Even students utilizing federal financial aid can implement a payment plan for their remaining balance. You do not need to wait until financial aid is applied to sign up for the payment plan; log into The Nest today!

A payment plan will evenly divide your remaining balance into four payments, due on September 21st, October 21st, November 21st, and December 21st, resolving your entire tuition balance by the end of the semester. A reminder that there is a $35 enrollment fee for the payment plans, which is applied by our third-party processor.

Please contact Student Central for questions at

Financial Aid

Now that the drop period has ended for the fall semester and term 1 courses, we are able to begin requesting federal financial aid and student loans from the federal government.  We are required to wait until the drop period ends before we can begin requesting the loans.

Once requested, the loans will be sent to Saint Mary’s and applied to your tuition account.  A notice will be sent to your student email account once the funds have been applied. If a credit balance occurs, we will issue a refund to you through direct deposit to your bank account or check issued in 5-10 business days following your receipt of that notice.

Please check the Finances page on The Nest to confirm the bank account the funds will be sent to.

Thank you for entrusting your education to Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota.