Outside Beverage Containers Prohibited at Athletic Events

Posted By: Ann Merchlewitz On: 2023-11-02
Posted On: 2023-11-02

Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota has always prohibited alcohol at student events, including athletic events, absent special circumstances and permissions.  Effective Friday, November 3, 2023, students, faculty, staff, and other fans (community members, parents, etc.) will not be permitted to bring outside beverage containers to any athletic event.  This prohibition applies to water bottles, tumblers, etc.  Items purchased at concession stands will be permitted.  In addition, any beverages purchased at the Cardinal Club or Cardinal Coffee must be in clear containers in order to be allowed inside games. Staff will enforce this policy at future athletic events.  We ask everyone to cooperate with this effort.  A table will be provided at games to place any outside beverage containers, in the event someone brings one to the game inadvertently.


On a somewhat related note, we encourage good sportsmanship at all of our athletic events.  We ask that everyone treat opponents, officials, and fans with respect. We want students, faculty, and staff to loudly and proudly support the student-athletes competing as Cardinals.  We ask you to be loud; be proud; and be positive.  Go Cardinals!