New Wellness Resources Launching

Posted By: Ann Merchlewitz On: 2023-08-14
Posted On: 2023-08-14

Undergraduate students at the College on the Winona campus will benefit from three new resources for mental health services this year.  As always, we will continue to review current mental health services and explore new options in our continuing efforts to resources that are both effective and efficacious for our students and are mission aligned. 

First, the university has entered into an agreement with Winona Health for the services of  behavioral health therapist,  Kelsey Martin, LICSW, LADC.  Martin is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor.  Martin earned her Master of Social Work (MSW) and Bachelor of Science in Sociology from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. She will provide counseling on mental health issues  including general mental health, anxiety, depression, behavioral concerns and substance use. “Counseling can turn someone’s world around. The best part of my job is seeing people make connections and changes that can improve their lives and personal well-being,” said Martin. “Sometimes they are at a low point and really struggling, and together, we can find a better way forward.” Her days on campus will be Tuesday and Wednesday from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. starting August 23, 2024.  Email to schedule an appointment with Ms. Martin.  Her office is located  in Hendrickson Hall, #134.

Second, the university is pleased to announce a partnership with Uwill, one of the leading online mental health and wellness solutions for students. Uwill offers free immediate access to teletherapy, a direct crisis connection, and wellness programs through an easy to use online platform and crisis hotline. Getting started is quick and easy. Full-time students at the College may register any time after August 21st by clicking here and completing their profile with a school email address and current location. After completing their profile, students can immediately schedule an appointment with a therapist of their  choosing. Many students have their first session within hours of setting up their profile.  Two rooms are available for teletherapy sessions in Hendrickson,  #136 and #138.

Students experiencing a mental health crisis have  24/7/365 help . Call 833.646.1526 for support. 

Lastly, Saint Mary’s University has partnered with Affinity Empowering to offer the health and wellness web-app READY™ to all students, faculty, and staff.  READY™  is a self-guided program that supports mental and physical health. The program offers clinically designed areas of focus ranging from decreasing stress and worry to managing heart health, as well as resources, and peer support.  New interactive content, such as videos, activities, and articles, is released weekly.  All content is clinically designed to provide students with  tools and information to help them be successful on their wellness journeys. Students can track their progress and change their area of focus at any time. Click here to sign up and gain access to READY™  library of resources.