New Research Presented at MPA’s Annual Conference

Posted By: jrutledg On: 2023-06-01
Posted On: 2023-06-01

Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota PsyD Counseling Psychology faculty and students presented and received recognition at the Minnesota Psychological Association’s 87th Annual Conference on Thursday, April 27 & Friday, April 28, 2023 to conference attendees.

Core Faculty, Dr. Signe Nestingen and Dr. Kayte LaBore presented with PsyD students Romana Triliegi, Maggie Falwell, Dorothy Jenicke, and Charles Hinz, philosophy and approach to dissertations used by Saint Mary’s Counseling Psy.D. program in a program entitled “Clinical Science in Local Practice: A panel of Faculty and Students Focused on Clinical Research as Applied to the Practice of Psychology” Students shared both quantitative and qualitative exemplar dissertation project that capture the Psy.D. programs emphasis on local and clinically relevant projects. 

Core Faculty, Dr. Kayte LaBore, and Professor Emeritus, Dr. Kenneth Solberg, presented a poster with members from the 1st year PsyD Cohort including Kristi Anderson, Olivia Beauchamp, William E. Casserly, Mary Colbert, Susan Knight, Natalie Martin, Olivia Matthys, Solveig Meyer, Ross Mickelson, Margaret Rutter, Hitomi Suga, Erwin Swaray, Garrett Vollmer, and Amanda Westpfahl. The poster was entitled “Attitudes About People who Obtain Professional Services for Mental Health” and included data from a classroom project focused on scale development. 

Core faculty, Dr. Kayte LaBore and Dr. Marina Rosenthal presented a poster with PsyD students Farheen Hassan, Romana Trilegi, James Sotto, and Kevin Challender. The poster entitled, “Institutional DARVO Scale: Establishing Content Validity via Focus Groups,” presented initial data from a grant Dr. Rosenthal and Dr. LaBore received to examine undergraduate student perceptions of institutional behavior in response to forms of oppression (e.g., racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia) that occur on college campuses. The student authors aided in the development, implementation and analysis of focus groups. 

PsyD student and faculty presence at the Minnesota Psychological Association is just one of the examples of excellent scholarship from the Counseling Psychology program. The Psy.D. doctoral program in Counseling Psychology at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, Schools of Graduate and Professional Studies, has been accredited by the American Psychological Association since Nov. 6, 2015. If you are interested in learning more about the work in the PsyD Counseling Psychology program see our website