New option to Change Password

Posted By: Tianna Johnson On: 2024-01-24
Posted On: 2024-01-24

Changing your password on a regular basis is one of the most effective steps you can take to proactively protect your personal data and Saint Mary’s data. 

Passwords serve as a primary line of defense against unauthorized access to personal and sensitive information. Changing passwords helps mitigate the risk of unauthorized access resulting from security breaches, data leaks, or compromised accounts. It adds an extra layer of protection, as it minimizes the window of opportunity for attackers to exploit static credentials.  Saint Mary’s policy is to require password changes at least every 365 days.  

We are excited to share a new feature to help you easily change your Saint Mary’s passwords. Many of our passwords are tied together so changing it in this one location, will change it for your portal (The Nest), Google, Canvas and more. 

To change your password go to and click the Change Password tab. Follow the instructions to reset your password. If this is the first time you have logged into the portal recently, you may be prompted to answer the Challenge Questions. More detailed directions can be found here on our Techfaq

If you have forgotten your password and have previously filled out the Challenge Questions, you will be able to reset your password without having to reach out to the HelpDesk for support. 

For questions contact the HelpDesk at 507-457-7800.