New K drive mapping on your computer

Posted On: 2022-02-24

For over a year now, IT has been in the process of moving files off of older file servers (Morpheus, Kessel, Oasis, and Neo) to a new file server or to Google Drive.  To accommodate new file locations as well as the existing locations, we are now ready to change some drive mapping designations.

Currently, the K: drive for the Winona campus is mapped to Morpheus in Windows File Explorer like this:

                               departmental (morpheus) (K:)

Departments who have had their folders moved to the new file server have K: mapped as:

                               departmental (smumn.edushares) (K:)

Next week, IT is going to change the K: drive mapping so that it is the same for everyone across all campuses. The new K: drive will look like this:

                               shares ( (K:)




                                    >Kessel Departmental

                                    >Morhpeus Departmental

When you expand the new K: drive you will notice that departmental folders on Morpheus and Kessel are also accessible under the new K: mapping. TC users will continue to have the L: drive mapped to Kesseldepartmental. The new drive mapping does not affect Apple/MAC computers.

Please note: All departmental folders currently on Kessel will be moved to the new file server or to Google Drive by the end of summer, as well as all folders on Morpheus (departmental, coursema, comm-marketing, HR, marketing).  IT will be reaching out to you in the next few months to coordinate the move and find the best location depending on the type of data and it’s usage.

If you have any questions, please contact Laura Swartout in IT at