National Voter Education Week

Posted By: Ann Merchlewitz On: 2023-10-05
Posted On: 2023-10-05

Voter Registration:  Most states require you to sign up to vote in elections, a process called voter registration. The voter registration rules vary by state.  In Minnesota, you can register to vote on Election Day. If you’re voting for the first time in Minnesota, you will have to show an ID to vote if you registered by mail and your ID number could not be verified by the state, or if you are registering to vote on Election Day. Acceptable forms include:

  • valid ID with current name and address, which can be expired (e.g. driver’s license, Minnesota ID card, learner’s permit, US passport, student ID from a Minnesota high school, college, or technical school, U.S. military or veteran ID, or a tribal ID card with name, address, photo and signature)
  • photo ID and a document with current name and address, which can be shown on an electronic device (e.g. utility bill, bank or credit card statement, mortgage or lease)
  • registered voter from your precinct who can confirm your name and address
  • college student ID (if a student housing list is provided)

If you are a university student, you have the choice to vote the local ballot at either your home residence or at your university.

You can register to vote or check your voter registration status using the links provided.

Make a Plan: We encourage all students and employees to make a plan to vote.  You are more likely to vote if you make a plan to do it.  Check out these resources on making a plan to vote.  We also ask you to Take The Pledge To Vote TODAY.  We are competing with other MIAC colleges and universities to see who can get the most students and employees pledging to vote.