Meal Plan Selection Open in eRezLife

Posted On: 2022-04-19

Now that housing selection is complete, students may select a meal plan in eRezLife.

ALL residential students MUST have a meal plan. Once a student has a housing assignment in eRezLife the meal plan options will be open.

Commuter students are not required to have a meal plan, but if a student would like one they can choose a commuter plan in eRezLife after completing the commuter student application.

For more information on residential meal plan or commuter meal plan options, please check the Saint Mary’s / Chartwells website.

Meal plan selection will close on Friday, April 29, 2022 at 4 p.m. Any residential student who has not selected a meal plan by that time will be defaulted to the Esstential 19 option.

If you have questions about meal plans, please email the Office of Student Affairs.