Mayo Clinic bioethicist talk on AI in healthcare

Posted By: Christopher Bobier On: 2023-03-16
Posted On: 2023-03-16

Would you be comfortable having a robot perform open heart surgery on a loved one? Would you trust a medical diagnosis that was given by an AI? Would you be comfortable visiting an Alexa-type “doctor” rather than a real human being? Will AI help mitigate the demand for physicians and help drive down healthcare costs? If these and similar questions fascinate you, you are invited to attend next Wednesday’s (March 22) Science Seminar. Dr. Richard Sharp, the Lloyd A. and Barbara A. Amundson Professor of Biomedical Ethics & Director of the Biomedical Ethics Research Program at Mayo Clinic, will be providing a presentation on the ethics of AI in healthcare. This event is open to all. It will begin at 12:10pm in AH 200 (Philip A. Cochran ’77 Auditorium).