Many Parts, One Body

Posted By: mreilly On: 2023-10-06
Posted On: 2023-10-06

On Monday, October 9 Dr. Benjamin Heidgerken of the University of St. Thomas will offer a presentation on a collection of saints that illuminate the path for the American Church today. As illustrated by the concrete events in the lives of many of these saints, historic practices in the Church have led to ongoing barriers to the full inclusion of all peoples in the Body of Christ. Dr. Heidgerken will discuss the lives and examples of these saints and suggest how the Church in the Americas might grapple with the consequences of racism and slavery into the present day. Because this event falls on October 9th, Indigenous Peoples Day, Dr. Heidgerken will speak to Indigenous issues in the Church. Please invite your students to attend an event that seeks to challenge and build up the Christian community!