Kwon publishes first book

Posted By: Ben Rodgers On: 2023-04-03
Posted On: 2023-04-03

Saint Mary’s own David Kwon, assistant professor of theology, has had his first book, Justice after War: Jus Post Bellum in the 21st Century, published by the Catholic University of America Press. 

The book focuses on the just war and just peace traditions, specifically looking at jus post bellum, or postwar justice and peace. In the book, Kwon argues three practices are needed to implement jus post bellum, which include just policing, just punishment, and political participation. The book can be used in both undergraduate and post-graduate settings, and can also be enjoyed by a general audience looking to learn more about the ethics of war and peace. The book includes a blurb from Father James P. Burns, IVD, Ph.D., president of Saint Mary’s University, on the back cover. 

David Kwon has been teaching at Saint Mary’s since Fall 2018. Since then, he has served as an assistant professor for the department of theology and philosophy. At Saint Mary’s, he has taught Thinking Theologically, Christian View of the Human Person, Justice, Virtuous Life, Global Health Ethics, and Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution.  His scholarly interests are united by his deep commitment to being a theological and philosophical educator in the service of church and society, as well as a conflict analyst with extensive expertise in war, social conflict, and contemporary cultural and political division, especially in postwar societies. His overarching aim as a Christian ethicist and peace scholar is to find ways of bridging these divides and work for the common good.