Know a Student?

Posted By: Tim Gossen On: 2023-09-05
Posted On: 2023-09-05

If you have a high school sophomore, junior, or senior in your life (be it family member, friend, or neighbor) please encourage them to check out Saint Mary’s. We always welcome visitors, and they can set up a time for a visit online at  

In many cases, we already may have their name but in some cases we do not, and we do not want to miss an opportunity to connect with them. Encourage them to fill out this easy (mobile friendly) inquiry form so we can ensure we have their name in our database. If they are a current senior, encourage them to apply at   

It is my pleasure to call you each my colleague, and I’m grateful for the assistance with our undergraduate enrollment strategies. It is my pledge to you that every student you encourage to apply or inquire will be contacted by our staff. Thank you for all you do.    

It is a team effort.

Dr. Tim Gossen

Senior Director of Admissions / Dean of Summer Programs