How to use Panopto Video to complete a video discussion

Posted By: Matthew Isaia On: 2023-07-10
Posted On: 2023-07-10

Did you know that instructors and students can use Panopto Video to record a video response in a discussion board?  Panopto Video works seamlessly with Canvas and it is available via the “Apps” icon in any rich content editor.  This allows you to select the Panopto App icon and record a response for a discussion assignment.  Using Panopto Video is another media production option and is a good alternative to using Flip or the Canvas Built-in Recorder.

How to get started: Download and review the Panopto Video Discussion tutorial. Then create a discussion board and try it out for yourself.  Note when creating the discussion be specific in your instructions by letting your students know that they must reply with a video response. In addition, attach the document tutorial to the discussion you create. This will allow your student to be able to download, review, and follow the instructions.

Tutorial: How to use Panopto Video to record a video discussion response in Canvas