Frozen River Film Festival Showing at Page!

Posted By: Lynette Johnson On: 2024-01-24
Posted On: 2024-01-24

SMU has the exciting opportunity to be a part of the Frozen River Film Festival on Wednesday, February 7th at 7 pm at Page Theatre! Emmy and Peabody award-winning director, Diana Jenkins will be joining and will host a Q&A after the film. Students can attend for free using the QR code on the flyer. Please consider joining this unique event on campus. The film is Space, Hope, and Charity and a trailer can be found here:

“Space, Hope and Charity” follows the remarkable journey of Charity Woodrum as she overcomes poverty and then tragedy while chasing her dream of becoming an astrophysicist. Charity was a first-generation high school graduate, a young mom, and wife, when she returned to college to study physics. Her life felt perfect. It was suddenly thrown into chaos when her husband and son died tragically. With help from mentors, childhood friends, and perfect strangers, she got her life back on track. The film highlights resilience and the life-changing power of human connection.