Faculty Share Strategies for Relationship-Rich Education

Posted On: 2022-02-10

Synchronous learning is anytime learners and instructors are engaged in learning experiences in the same “space” at the same time, via video conferencing or in a classroom. In this session, we will explore the contrast of a relationship-rich learning environment vs. a relationship-absent learning environment and how this impacts teaching and learning.  We will introduce a simple structure you might use to design relationship-rich learning sessions grounded in research on how humans learn. The structure uses and embodies our core mission of awakening, nurturing, and empowering as a guiding framework.

Our hope is that you will leave feeling connected, inspired, and equipped with ideas you might implement tomorrow!

Come join us, together and by association, learning with, for, and from one another.

Tracy Lysne and Sarah Haugen

Creating Relationship-Rich Environments via Synchronous Learning

February 16, 2022
12.15-1.15pm CT via Zoom